Growing your business is the purpose of everything we do.

We live in hectic times. The rapid pace of the reality changes. Global challenges impact today’s advertisers. And all of them, regardless the size, deserve the best possible communication solutions. Customized for each brand, for each situation. We combine the best of Marketing Sciences, with the highest level of experience and creativity. Because this is the only way to create added value for your brand, better results for your business.


For over six years, Infinity has been one of the top-rated media agencies by its clients (Agency Scope 2022-23 independent study). Because we believe that all advertisers, regardless the size, deserve personalized services and full access to the best professionals and technologies available in the industry.


We do not like to follow fads, mantras, or preconceptions. We defend empirical marketing, based on measurement: because you cannot improve what you do not measure. We take decisions based on data and technology, but without renouncing to the experience and creativity of our professionals.


Today’s brand communication faces global challenges that must be addressed with a multidisciplinary approach. For this reason, our teams merge specialized and experienced professionals in media and market research, content and brand and data and digital marketing. This is the only way to adapt brand communication to the changing realities of today’s and tomorrow’s world.


Being independent means that we are not beholden to external shareholders, only to our clients. It means commitment to the most rigorous transparency in the traceability of our advertisers’ investment and the use of their campaign data. This independence and operational scale, allows us achieve the most competitive media buying conditions in the market. Always customized for each advertiser and moment.


We are one of the founding agencies of Local Planet, the largest international network of independent media agencies, with operational capacity in more than 70 countries. This allows us to offer a large team of professionals with huge experience in managing international advertisers and campaigns.

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