We are

We are Fresh People

More than a "what", we are a "who". We firmly believe that what makes us leaders is the diversity of the people who work at Infinity.

We are passionate about the media, content and data. As well as many other things, because our curiosity knows no limits (and neither do our abilities). That is why we hold as a priority for Infinity to be a space where we may all grow personally and professionally as far as our talent will take us.

Alberto Gost
Alex Lawton
Laia Regués
Belkis Cruz
Enrique de la Torre
Rai Pérez
Lucas García
Pablo Alfonso
Luis Javier Pérez
Juan Gabriel Castro
Carles Sayas
Elena Costa
DAC Iberia
Joaquín Moreno
Arantxa Alviz
DAC Iberia
Esther Alcabuz
Bea Forcada
Manoli Pérez
Lola Rodríguez
Mónica Aisa
Andrea Santos
Míriam Mañosa
Anna Villa
Paz Longares
Maria Aymerich
Gina Jodas
Victoria Hourlier
Laura Gimferrer
Blanca Sabadell
Claudia Zapatel
Ana Rodríguez
Jonay Pérez
Victor Roca
Marta Campàs
Mario Ciudad
Mar Orovio
Laura Lloansi
Cecilia Troise
Carlos Estrada
Álvaro Martín
Pilar de la Cuesta
Adriana Roura
Rasha Haneche
DAC Iberia
Mónica Magallanes
Sandra Pinto
Natàlia Torrent
Koen Smeets

We are

  • 60 people
  • 3 offices
  • 10 languages
  • 7 nationalities
  • 17 different types of university degrees
  • 5 generations

A local agency with an international spirit

We know how important it is to know the dynamics of our market. Our experience and international roots enrich the work we do. We bring the best from abroad to the local environment.

Being co-founders and partners of Local Planet gives us a global vision of the communication and media sector and enables us to know the reality of the sector in other countries hand in hand with the best independent agencies in the world.

Alex Lawton, CEO of Infinity, is responsible in Local Planet for the Network Leadership Team, for the technological development of the group and the link between Latin America and Europe from his position as Client Development Director in LATAM.